Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

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Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Photo: Sand wash in Ocotillo Wells
Off-Road Information
Other Names: Anza-Borrego, Anza Borrego
Terrain: Desert
Off-Road Use: Open and restricted
Difficulty: All types
Camping: Yes
County: San Diego County, California and Imperial County, California
Nearest Cities: Borrego Springs, CA
Map Links: Google Map Yahoo Map
Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map: CA State Park map (pdf)
GPS Coords: 33.181813,-116.248398
Google Earth: Anza-Borrego.kmz
Area Size: 600,000 acres
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With over 600,000 acres, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest desert state park in the contiguous United States. 500 miles of dirt roads, two huge wilderness areas (comprising 2/3 of the park) and 110 miles of riding and hiking trails provide visitors with an unparalleled opportunity to experience the wonders of the Colorado Desert.

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Anza Borrego Off-Road Trails[edit]

GE.jpg Arroyo Hueso

GE.jpg Arroyo Seco del Diablo Trail

GE.jpg Arroyo Tapiado - Easy.jpg

GE.jpg Calcite Mine Trail

GE.jpg Campbell Wash Road

GE.jpg Canyon Sin Nombre

GE.jpg Carrizo Creek

GE.jpg Coyote Canyon Trail - Mod.jpg

GE.jpg Cross Over Trail

GE.jpg Diablo Drop-off - Diff.jpg

GE.jpg Fish Creek Trail - Easy.jpg

GE.jpg Hapaha Flat Road

GE.jpg June Wash

GE.jpg Loop Wash

GE.jpg Olla Wash

GE.jpg Pinyon Mountain Road - Diff.jpg The Squeeze and Heart Attack

GE.jpg Sandstone Canyon - Easy.jpg

GE.jpg Vallecito Creek

GE.jpg Vallecito Mountains Wash

GE.jpg Wiev of Badlands


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park® is located on the eastern side of San Diego County, with portions extending east into Imperial County and north into Riverside County. It is about a two-hour drive from from San Diego, Riverside, and Palm Springs. Many visitors approach from the east or west via Highways S22 and 78. From the coast, these highways descend from the heights of the Peninsular range of mountains with spectacular views of the great bowl of the Colorado Desert. Highway S2 enters the park from the south off of Interstate 8.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Coordinates: 33.181813° -116.248398° Coordinates: 33.181813° -116.248398°

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