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Now that you've got access to GPS routes to these trails, you can have a lot of fun exploring them with your GPS! There is a special utility that can be used to help get these trails into your GPS unit. It's called GPS Babel. This program will convert GPS information between just about any GPS format.

Remember, while you're out exploring the trails, be sure to mark new locations of interest. When you get back home, let everyone know of any changes, updates, or just show off some neat pictures you took.

Using GPS Babel[edit]

  1. Download the Google Earth KML or KMZ (compressed) file from the desired trail on Dirtopia.
  2. If the file is a KMZ double click on it, GE will open showing you the trail, now you can save it as KML
  3. Run the GPS Babel program
  4. Specify Google Earth (Keyhole) Markup Language as the Format
  5. Select the KML file you downloaded / created
  6. Select the output format for your GPS Unit (See below for specific instructions for your GPS unit.)
  7. Select the output file
  8. Check Waypoints, Routes, Tracks
  9. Click Lets Go!
  10. Use your GPS Software to open the converted database/file. (See below for specific instructions for your GPS unit.)

Garmin 60cs[edit]

Download the latest version of MapSource - the software that came with your GPS Unit.

When converting the KML file, select the output format Garmin GPS Database Files (*.gdb).

  1. Open the GDB file with the MapSource program
  2. Click Transfer, then Send to Device