Johnson Valley OHV Area

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Johnson Valley OHV
Johnson valley.JPG
Photo: A rider near Soggy Dry Lake
Off-Road Information
Other Names: Lucernce, Lucerne Valley
Terrain: Open desert, dry lake beds
Off-Road Use: Open use
Difficulty: Easy to very difficult
Camping: Open camping
County: San Bernardino County, California
Nearest Cities: Lucerne Valley, CA
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Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map: BLM Map
GPS Coords: 34.497927,-116.737118
Google Earth: Johnson Valley Map
Johnson Valley Trails
Area Size: 189,000 acres
Elevation: 2,300-4,600 ft.
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Johnson Valley is a varied landscape for the off-highway vehicle driver. It is punctuated by steep red rocky mountains, rolling hills, open valleys, dry lake beds and sandy washes. Elevations range from 4,600 feet at Hartwell Hills to 2,300 feet at Melville Dry Lake.


The riding area can be entered from Highway 247 at Old Woman Springs Road or Camp Rock Road, 55 miles southeast of Barstow. Most visitors access the area off Camp Rock Road by driving north off of Highway 247. Staging for many competitive events is at Anderson Dry Lake, 10 miles north of Highway 247 and east of Camp Rock Road. These are graded dirt roads.

Johnson Valley Landmarks


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Maps and GPS Coordinates

Johnson Valley OHV Area Coordinates: 34.480421° -116.616595° Coordinates: 34.480421° -116.616595°

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A rider plays in the dunes to the east of Soggy Dry Lake.