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State of Nevada
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The state of Nevada has a wide variety of terrain to explore. It's not just desert! It includes high mountains, dunes, desert, forests, and washes. There are many trails to explore that are very close to Nevada's main attractions too - namely Carson City and Las Vegas.

Because most of Nevada is desert, please use caution and common sense when out and about. The desert's heat and distance from civilization can be a deadly combination. Please bring more water than you think you'll need, extra food, and a CB/GMRS radio. If you do get stuck alone, you may be subject to 120 degree days and sub zero nights depending on when you are and what season it is.

Trails by County[edit]

Nevada Off-Road Clubs and Web Sites[edit]

Government Resources[edit]

Before planning an off-road outing, please contact the appropriate authorities for current conditions, policy, and restrictions.

Bureau of Land Management - Las Vegas Office - [Link]
4701 North Torrey Pines Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 515-5000
702-515-5023 FAX
702-515-5300 Dispatch

Bureau of Land Management - Ely Office
HC33 Box 33500
Ely, NV 89301
(775) 289-1800 Office
(775) 289-1925 Dispatch

Bureau of Land Management - Winnemucca Office
5100 E Winnemucca Blvd.
Winnemucca, NV 89445
775-623-1503 FAX
775-623-1755 Dispatch

Nevada Photo Gallery[edit]