San Bernardino County, California

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These off-road areas are located in: - San Bernardino County
San Bernardino County

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San Bernardino National ForestSan Gabriel Mountains / San Bernardino Mountains

GE.jpgCucamonga Wilderness[edit]

GE.jpg Middle Fork Trail 2N58

GE.jpg Cucamonga Big Tree Trail Forest road 1N34

Cajon Pass[edit]

GE.jpg Cleghorn Ridge - Your choice Easy.gif or Difficult.gif - 2N47 Ride the ridge, Cajon to Silverwood Lake

GE.jpg Little Mountain (Shandin Hill) - San Bernardino City

GE.jpg Lytle Creek Ridge Trail - 3N31 - 3N33 - 3N06 Follow the western ridge over Cajon Easy.gif

Crossroads OHV[edit]

Silverwood Lake[edit]

GE.jpg 2N17X - Difficult.gif - Advanced trail, forks off from Pilot Rock Truck Trail

GE.jpg Pilot Rock Ridge Road - Easy.gif

GE.jpg Pilot Rock Truck Trail - Easy.gif Moderate.gif - 2N33 goes from Silverwood Lake to Pinnacles

GE.jpg Sugarpine Mountain Trail Easy.gif Beautiful trail through a forest, running between Siverwood lake and San Bernardino

Lake Arrowhead[edit]

GE.jpg Deep Creek Trail - Difficult.gif

GE.jpg Dishpan Springs Trail - Difficult.gif - 3N34 Better known as Deep Creek Trail

Big Bear[edit]

GE.jpg Burns Canyon Trail - 2N02 - Easy.gif From Yucca Valley to Big Bear City

GE.jpg Gold Mountain Trail - Difficult.gif - 3N69

GE.jpg John Bull Trail - Expert.gif - 3N10, the toughest trail in Holcomb Valley

Mojave DesertMojave Desert

GE.jpgMojave National Preserve[edit]

GE.jpg Mojave Road

GE.jpgJohnson Valley[edit]

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Download Johnson Valley Trails Here

Images.jpg Aftershock Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Backdoor Expert.gif

Images.jpg Bender Alley Expert.gif

Images.jpg Boulderdash Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Bullfrog Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Cakewalk Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Chicken Rock Expert.gif

Images.jpg Chocolate Thunder Expert.gif

Images.jpg Claw Hammer Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Cougar Buttes Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Cougar Buttes Competition Area Expert.gif

Images.jpg Crowbar Expert.gif

Images.jpg Devils Slide Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Fissure Mountain Trail Moderate.gif

Images.jpg Full of Hate Expert.gif

Images.jpg Full of Love Expert.gif

Images.jpg Gatekeeper Expert.gif

Images.jpg Hammerdown Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Hells Gate Expert.gif

Images.jpg Hwy 20 Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Jackhammer Expert.gif

Images.jpg Lower Big Johnson Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Lower Shaft Canyon Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Masters Course Expert.gif

Images.jpg Misery Mile Expert.gif

Images.jpg Nightmare Expert.gif

Images.jpg Outer Limits Expert.gif

Images.jpg Resolution Expert.gif

Images.jpg Riffel Canyon Expert.gif

Images.jpg Short Bus Expert.gif

Images.jpg Sledgehammer Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Spooners Canyon Expert.gif

Images.jpg Sunbonnet Pass Expert.gif

Images.jpg Tack Hammer Expert.gif

Images.jpg Upper Big Johnson Expert.gif

Images.jpg Upper Shaft Canyon Difficult.gif

Images.jpg Wrecking Ball Expert.gif

GE.jpgStoddard Valley[edit]

GE.jpg Achy Breaky Trail - Difficult.gif

GE.jpg Pumpkin Eater TrailExpert.gif


GE.jpg Doran/Odessa Loop Difficult.gif

GE.jpg Phillips Canyon Moderate.gif

GE.jpg Doran Canyon Difficult.gif

GE.jpg Odessa Canyon Difficult.gif

GE.jpg Bighorn Wilderness[edit]

GE.jpg Rattlesnake Canyon - Moderate.gif - A trail on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management)


GE.jpg El Mirage Dry Lake

GE.jpg Joshua Tree National Park

GE.jpg Dumont Dunes

Motocross Tracks